3 Anime Villains who would ABUSE Coronavirus

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Imagine the following in a bad English accent*:Tonight on Kyuubi’s Korner, the world continues to get absolutely FUCKED in the ass by coronavirus. People are still losing their jobs, and people are still dying. These events are leading some to believe that we’re living in a terrible anime. But who’d be the main villain of said anime? We answer that tonight, on 3 anime villains who would ABUSE coronavirus…Now back to Kyuubikaze.”

3. All for One (My Hero Academia)

All For One standing diabolically

So for #3, we’re comin’ in HOT, with All For One…Nothing screams bad guy like kidnapping a bunch of kids, brainwashing them, and taking out the #1 OP hero…. But out of all the My Hero villains, hell, out of ALL anime villains out there, what makes All for One #3? First, Ima specify that this list is for villains I thought would straight up ABUSE coronavirus, and no, not the way my dad did to my mom when I was 7…..*cries* BUT I mean these villains would HELLA take advantage of it, as part of their plan for world domination. All for One fits this mold. He’s straight up evil, and seeks to control the world, through whatever means. So imagine, one day, a strain of a virus able to spread like wildfire, and make people seem like they have no symptoms, lands in All For One’s lap, and not the dirty kind….yikes. But listen, All For One’s goal is take out the #1 Hero, All Might, who is immune to pretty much everything…EXCEPT, DISEASE. It’s the perfect scenario for a super villain wanting to kill his arch nemesis. Think about it: One day, Deku’s walkin’ home from school, and gets injected by covid. He shows no symptoms for 2 weeks, continuously talks to an ALREADY sickly All Might, and wam bam boom, All Might dies from flu on steroids…

2. Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer)

Muzan Kibutsuji when he first meets Tanjiro

And moving on from one shonen anime to another, we have Muzan Kibutsuji, the main villain from Demon Slayer. Muzan has a few layers to him that I’ll get to in a sec, but the main reason I chose him for #2, is that he LITERALLY INFECTS PEOPLE FOR A LIVING. Muzan Kibutsuji would pretty much be those people coughing all over groceries in public. Except in this case, he’d actually have coronavirus.

So Muzan was a dude who was born a thousand years ago, had a deadly disease, and was treated by a very skilled doctor (sounds like Heaven in today’s situation 😏). But one day, this doctor pissed Muzan off, forcing Muzan kill him. So since a thousand years ago, Muzan’s been outright hating on medical professionals. What better way to piss ’em off and eventually kill them, than with an undetectable, untraceable virus.

He’s probably upset ’cause he looks like an anime Michael Jackson….Dis fool trynna physically abuse some kids lookin’ like a not so smooth criminal….hee-hee!

1. Orochimaru (Naruto)

Orochimaru dressed as the Fourth Kazekage

Aaaaaaaaand speaking of anime Michael Jacksons, we got the OG, Orochimaru comin’ in, at number 1. Off the top of my head, there is no anime villain in the his-tory of anime villains, that would LOVE to infect a fuck ton of people with coronavirus, than pre-shippuden Orochimaru. I say pre-shippuden ’cause he literally turned out okay halfway through the series, but I’m talkin bout THIS GUY!


Just like the real world, the best way to destroy an entire village, is by using something we can’t see or trace. Like, let’s say the chūnin exams (the most important annual event in Naruto), took place while most of the guards and villagers were infected. Don’t you think that would make it way easier for Orochimaru and his sound ninja to destroy the Leaf Village, since most of their population is staying home, fighting off a beefed-up version of the flu?

And that rounds up our list for today! It’s not news that for the past few months, coronavirus has had such a negative impact on the world. Maybe this video gets you to think about the real villains behind our situation? Whether they’re big corporations, or people not taking the quarantine seriously?

I just thought it’d be interesting to pose a question for the anime community, so I pass it off, to you, what anime villain do you think would abuse coronavirus if it was given to them? Let me know in the comments below!

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